REST 瑞斯特背包客棧

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  • 進房時間check in:14:30至17:00。
  • 退房時間check out:11:00前。


  • 1. 請事先確認或預約,訂房時間09:00至21:00。
  • 2. 訂房請全額匯款。
  • 3. 請於訂房3日內匯款,若於保留期間未收到匯款即取消訂房,不另行通知。
  • 4. 匯款後請務必通知,告知以下資訊或拍攝匯款單:
    (1)匯款帳號後五碼 (2)匯款金額 (3)匯款日期。
  • 5. 我們於收到訂金後,將為您保留房間。


  • 熱水供應截止時間:22:00;房間大燈熄燈時間:22:00;夏季冷氣供應時間:22:00至10:00。
  • 請勿攜帶寵物入住。
  • 為提供舒適及安全的住宿空間,室內禁止吸菸及嚼檳榔,我們也不提供烹煮設備, 請旅客勿在屋內烹煮食物,如有需飲食的旅客,可於交誼廳內飲食,恕不可攜入房間內,影響其他旅客權益。
  • 旅客個人貴重物品請隨身攜帶並妥善保管,如有遺失恕不負責。
  • 請於規定時間內辦理入住,入住時請出示身分證件或護照,以供登記。
  • 為維護住宿安寧,晚間22:00過後請降低音量,勿大聲喧嘩,避免影響其他旅客權益,若被檢舉,請負擔所有連帶罰金及責任。
  • 我們的房間均為雅房型態,有男性及女性專屬房〈若包間可變成混合房〉,床位由我們分配,恕無法指定床位
  • 我們主要採男女分房住宿,且為單人床型,適合單獨或少數自助旅行的背包客們。
  • 我們是以背包客為主客群的青年背包客棧,採半自助管理方式,退房時,請自行將床單、枕套、被套拆下,拿至樓梯間的換洗籃內。
  • 腳踏車租借僅服務性質,不負安全之責,請背包客小心騎乘。
  • 所提供之物品或設備若有損壞,照價賠償。
  • 如因旅客之行為違反法律或條例,所衍生之罰則由旅客負責。


  • 匯款後若因故取消訂房,請於7日前通知,可保留已付金額一年供日後消費折抵,保留期間仍需再次進行訂房手續,超過時限金額無法返還,恕不另行通知。
  • 若經當地縣政府或旅客所在地政府發佈停止上班上課,可保留已付金額一年供日後消費折抵。
  • 匯款後當日取消或未通知者,金額無法返還。
  • 若您須要訂房或想進一步洽詢任何問題,請與瑞斯特背包客棧聯繫。
  • 聯絡手機:〈+886〉0911-835437
  • Line ID: @382gyvfz

    Check-in/out Time

  • Check-in: 14:30PM-17:00PM
  • Check-out: Before 11:00AM

    Booking Process

  • 1. Please ensure booking is confirmed before you check in. Booking Time: 9AM~9PM
  • 2. 100% of the room price is required after booking is confirmed.
  • 3. Deposit is required 3 days after booking is made, otherwise reservation will be cancelled.
  • 4. Please send us copy of remittance or advise the following once fund is transferred:
    (1)Account no. (2) Amount (3) Paid date
  • 5. Reservation is complete after we receive you deposit.


  • Hot water service close at 22:00; Light off time : 22:00 ; Air conditioning (Summer) is from :22:00~10:00
  • No smoking and No chewing betel nuts in rooms or facilities.
  • Cooking is prohibited in rooms.
  • Please keep all personal belongings with you at all times or locked at a safe storage. REST Backpackers is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • Personal identification and balance of the reservation is required at Check In.
  • When you check out, please remove pillow case, bed sheet and duvet cover and place them in the laundry baskets located next to the stair.
  • Dormitories are normally separate by gender, private rooms can be a mix; we allocate and make bed arrangements. Guests cannot pick or swap beds during their stay. Our single bunk beds are suitable for small group of travelers or ones travelling alone.
  • We ask all backpackers to keep all volume down to preserve the peace and quiet after 22:00 and avoid disturbing other guests.
  • Pet(s) is/are prohibited during the stay.
  • Bicycle(s) is/are for rental service only. REST is not responsible for any individual’s safety. Please use it cautiously.
  • Guest(s) is/are responsible for any damaged items, fine may apply.

    Stay Extension and Cancellation

  • After deposit is paid, if you wish to cancel the Check In date, please inform us 7 days prior to Check In. REST can accept a change of date within 1 year of the original booking, beyond this period, deposit will not be refunded.
  • If guest cannot fulfill the reservation date due to nature hazard or upon an official announcement from local government, guest can choose to amend the booking to another date (within 1 year of original booking).
  • After deposit is paid, if you cancel at the Check In date, or without informed, deposit will not be refunded.
  • If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact with Rest Backpackers. Thank you.
  • MOBILE: (+886)911 835 437
  • Line ID: @382gyvfz